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My passion and privilege in life is helping anyone that is hurting. I love being a voice of hope to the nations of the world!  I trust that as you listen to my radio show and read my book that your heart is encouraged and strengthened. I believe that God orders our steps and therefore our paths crossing today is divine. In this life's journey we can encounter struggles and hurt along the way and I am here to journey with you through such times. I do hope that you tune into Matters of The Heart Radio Show daily and purchase a signed copy of my new book Healing Waters.  If you live in the Dallas/Fort Worth please come visit me at Refreshing Times Counseling Center!

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Partnership Opportunities

Together we can be a voice of hope for the Lord and to the nations! Please help me to continue to air the show by becoming a monthly partner with a donation of any amount. 

Healing Waters Book

In my new book you will be guided through a 21 day healing journey in the comfort of your own home, office or small group. I will help answer some hard questions such as, why bad things happen and how do I guard my heart? I will help you process any pain you have endured or are currently enduring. I will help you apply God's word, give you simple yet profound exercises to do and incorporate prayer as part of your healing process.

Urdu Bibles for Pakistan

Please help me give Urdu Bibles to listeners in Pakistan who are desperate to read God's word.